Data Security

Your information in the right place

Controlling access is one thing, but if the information is stored in insecure places you are still at great risk. Much of the information in an organisation is not in the place where it should be. We help you with security against conscious and unconscious information leaks. We use advanced software for this.

Automatic classification

Wherever your data is located, the Micro Focus tools we use find and index it. Then, using machine learning and data profiles defined with you, we automatically classify all documents.

Data cleansing

After the classification of the data, it can be cleaned. First, all DOT data can be removed. DOT stands for Duplicate, Obsolete or Trivial, which is data that does not need to be retained because it is a copy, is obsolete or freely available. In many cases this results in a data cleansing of more than 50%.

Automatic organisation

Our tooling can also automatically put your data in the right places. This prevents the information from being accessible to people who are not entitled to it. This also increases the findability of your data. This also provides a good insight into which security measures are required for which components. If you can prevent critical information from ending up in generic environments, you can lower the security level of the generic environments.